SMART IVF Program is a full regime IVF that is tailored for women with a good prognosis, age 38 and below. Meaning your reproductive system can benefit from this SMART IVF program at your current time.

Hence you need to do the fertility assessment before the Doctor can decide if this program is suitable for you. It involves a series of injections, egg pick up procedure, culturing in the lab to get you a good blastocyst, and a fresh embryo transfer procedure.

The package price includes all items as per below.

  • Stimulation drugs
  • Egg pick up procedure
  • Culturing in the lab to get you a good blastocyst
  • The fresh embryo transfer procedure
  • Doctor’s fee
  • Luteal support and Pregnancy test on day 10

The first assessment is not included in this package. It costs around RM 600-700 in which you and your husband will be assessed on :

  1. Semen analysis on husband to check count and quality of the sperm
  2. Abdominal scan
  3. Pelvic Ultrasound scan to check on your egg counts
  4. Pelvic floor examination.
  5. Doctor’s consultation fee

If you present a good prognosis for this program then you can go ahead by taking the medicine back to standby. Instruction on how and when to start the program will be given. However, there are Terms & Conditions Apply.

  • Cannot choose the doctor.
  • Do not include any embryo freezing and maintenance fee 
  • No refund and no return of medicine upon commencement of the program


Payment occurs progressively :

For Women age 36 and below :

  • RM 8888 upon starting the program
  • RM 3000 upon egg pick up
  • RM 2000 upon Embryo Transfer

For Women age 37-38 :

  • RM 9888 upon starting the program
  • RM 3000 upon egg pick up
  • RM 2000 upon Embryo Transfer

At Alpha IVF our world-class IVF has achieved success rates of 82.9%, thrusting us amongst the top IVF centres worldwide. Together, we can help you build your dream family. It starts with a consultation and as an essential medical facility, we remain open throughout MCO. Call us at +603 6141 6166 or send a WhatsApp at 0125686290 to make an appointment.

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