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Distinguishing between “Smart IVF” and “Smart IVF Plus,” what are the differences?

Are these two cost-effective packages associated with high success rates? 💡 Which package is suitable for you? Let's explore together! Sign up now for our pre-conception seminar on March 16, 2024, where Dr. Lam Wei Kian will provide on-site explanations and one-on-one consultations to help you understand and discover the most suitable pre-conception plan for you. (more…)


SMART IVF Program is a full regime IVF that is tailored for women with a good prognosis, age 38 and below. Meaning your reproductive system can benefit from this SMART IVF program at your current time. Hence you need to do the fertility assessment before the Doctor can decide if this program is suitable for you. It involves a series of injections, egg pick up procedure, culturing in the lab to get you a good blastocyst, and a fresh embryo transfer procedure. (more…)
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