Preserving Your Fertility

Alpha IVF & Women’s Specialists’s Egg Bank offers women the opportunity to freeze their own eggs.
Egg banking is made possible through the use of the most effective and safest freezing method from Japan know as Cryotec.

We are proud to achieve the WORLD’s 1st successful pregnancy following the use of freeze-thawed sperm, freeze-thawed eggs, and freeze-thawed embryos (10th Royal College of O&G International Scientific Congress, June 2012).

What is Egg Freezing?

Egg freezing, also known as oocyte cryopreservation is a procedure in which the eggs from a woman are retrieved, frozen and stored for future use. The frozen eggs can later be thawed, fertilized and transferred into the uterus when desired.
The Technology

Vitrification is the latest method for freezing eggs and the survival rates using vitrification are much higher compared to previous freezing methods like slow freezing.  With recent major improvement in the vitrification solutions, Cryotec method has been developed with certain distinct advantages over all other existing methods of vitrification. Now, AFC is able to attain close to 100% post-thaw survival for eggs.

How do you have your eggs frozen?

Before you are eligible for egg freezing program, you must first be screened for evidence of transmissible diseases. Then you will be given 8-10 days of injections to stimulate your ovaries to produce multiple eggs for collection via simple procedure using thin needle. Once the eggs are collected, they are cultured in the incubators for 2-4 hours to encourage egg maturation. The eggs are then vitrified and stored until ready to be thawed.


Who needs Egg Freezing?

You may wish to consider egg freezing if :

  • you wish to delay childbearing;
    you are single and haven’t met your Mr. Right; you have medical conditions such as
  • cancer requiring chemotherapy or radiotherapy.

Storing frozen eggs gives women the opportunity to preserve their fertility until they are ready to start a family.

Why need egg freezing?

A woman’s fertility is largely dependent on the quality of her eggs. It is no secret that fertility declines with age and unfortunately, there is no medicine or technology that can turn poor quality eggs into good quality eggs.
Diminished egg quality significantly impacts one’s ability to conceive.

Advancement in medical technology can help women to preserve their eggs while they are still of good quality.  We recommend you to freeze your eggs in your 20′s or by the age of 35. However, there is no age limit as long there are eggs retrievable from your ovaries.

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