Frozen Embryo Transfer Benefits

Frozen Embryo Transfer Benefits

Higher Pregnancy Rates

You will have additional opportunities for transfer and therefore more pregnancy attempts. If you can freeze and store embryos while you are attempting a fresh cycle transfer, if the fresh cycle is unsuccessful, you can try again without undergoing another ovarian stimulation or egg retrieval. Hence, it will increase your chance of successful pregnancy rates.

Frozen Embryo Transfers are less costly

The frozen Embryo Transfers cycle is less costly due to the medication is relatively minimal and there is no egg retrieval or anesthesia. With SET (Single Embryo Transfer) there may be multiple FET cycle opportunities after just one egg retrieval which again increases your cumulative pregnancy rate from one IVF. Frozen Embryo Transfer is less expensive for multiple transfers than repeated fresh IVF cycles.

Frozen Embryo Transfers cycles are easier to schedule

Frozen Embryo Transfers cycles can be scheduled according to the patient’s preferred time when it is most convenient for them. Once you are scheduled for your FET, they will start prescribing oral estrogen so that your uterine lining is ready for the transfer. Progesterone injections will then be introduced so your body can support a pregnancy. Frozen Embryo Transfer reserves all viable embryos through embryo freezing, making it easier to select single embryo transfer and thus greatly reduce the possibility of multiple gestations pregnancy of twins and the associated health risks.

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