Time Lapse Embryo Monitoring System

A new approach to embryo culture using an advanced time lapse embryo imaging system to identify the BEST embryos for transfer enabling even higher chances of pregnancy.

How does Time Lapse work?

The selection of embryos for transfer is crucial to the success of IVF. Time Lapse Embryo Monitoring System has the capability to visualize the progress of embryo development continuously from Day 0 to Day 5 or Day 6 of the development with a photograph taken every 5 minutes in the incubator allowing embryo development to be assessed and observed as a time lapse movie. This video enables us to identify the best embryos with the highest chances of creating a successful pregnancy.

Failure in selecting the most viable embryo in a given fertility treatment cycle limits the success rates of current procedures.

Currently, the standard selection of embryo involves microscopic assessment at a specific moment in time once outside the incubator. However, because embryo development is a dynamic process, critical stages between morphological observations can be missed. The shortcomings of current procedures in standard embryo selection can now be overcome using time lapse embryo monitoring system. Another added advantage of this imaging system is we can view the embryos continuously without the need to remove them from the warm and stable conditions of the incubator, hence embryos develop in undisturbed culture under strict environmental control.

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