Artificial Intelligence-Enhanced Embryo Selection

What is Artificial Intelligence-Enhanced Embryo Selection?

In an IVF cycle, an embryologist will assess and select the best-formed, most viable embryo that most likely will develop into pregnancy for transfer and discard others that do not have such a good chance of transfer.
This is done with manual assessment guided with international scoring standard or with the assistance of embryoscope scoring standard.

Newly launched Artificial Intelligence-Enhanced Embryo Selection is poised to select the MOST VIABLE embryo for transfer.

This new revolutionary technology uses AI to identify the best embryo for transfer and is far more precise and unbiased than human eyes by deep learning each embryo image to generate an AI Score.

Using machine learning, it identifies traits from a huge and growing number of embryos from around the world that had previously gone on to bring about successful pregnancies. The AI starts by assessing known components of the embryo that indicate its quality, and at the same time, identifies complex patterns that are too difficult for the human eye to see. When it is complete, the AI combines together these different contributions in the right proportion to give an overall assessment – the implantation potential score (AI Score).

How it is done?

Artificial Intelligence-Enhanced Embryo Selection Procedure
1. Microscopic images of each blastocyst will be uploaded into the AI software.
2. Within minutes, a definitive score (AI Score) will be generated for each blastocyst based on its implantation potential and likelihood of creating a pregnancy.
3. Blastocyst with the highest score will be chosen for transfer into the mother’s womb.

Benefits of AI-Enhanced Embryo Selection

  • It helps shorten the time to pregnancy.*
  • It helps reduce the number of IVF cycles that may be needed
  • For multiple embryos, it helps identify the best one, the first time.
  • For only one embryo, it delivers an objective verdict on whether to transfer or start another IVF cycle instead.

*Calculated as the number of cycles needed to achieve clinical pregnancy based on the retrospective ranking analysis.


Indications to use AI-Enhanced Embryo Selection:

    • Women who is undergoing IVF.
    • Women who have experienced implantation failures.
    • Women who have more than 1 embryo available for selection for trans.
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