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When should I come for my 1st fertility assessment?

You can come anytime during your menstrual cycle, as long as you have made the appointment and confirmed with the fertility Centre.

During your first consultation, your fertility specialist will ask detailed questions about both of you, including your shared medical history and sex life. So it’s recommended that you both attend.

If you have done IVF treatment previously and still have your last assessment results within 6 months, you can use back this reports.

Fertility treatment lasts for several months and sometimes even years. You may need to repeat yourself, or tests, several times throughout your treatment journey.


If you plan to stay in Malaysia for the entire cycle, it’s best to come 1 day before or during the 1st day of your menstrual cycle.

The stimulation cycle last around 12-14 days and will end with a procedure called Oocyte Pick Up (OPU). If you don’t have any side effects developed, you can return to your home country 1-2 days after the OPU.

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