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What to consider when choosing a fertility clinic?

Seeking help to have a baby is a momentous and positive decision, and choosing a fertility clinic is another encouraging step forward. With so many fertility clinics to choose from, this guide can help you to find the one that’s right for you. What to consider when choosing a fertility clinic? (more…)

IVF Treatment in Malaysia

Infertility is defined as the failure to achieve a pregnancy after trying to conceive for 12 months. And this may be contributed by the husband, wife or both. Symptoms of infertility varies with their causes and may not be obvious. In some cases, the couples do not exhibit any signs of infertility. For this, IVF treatment has been proven to be an effective treatment to overcome infertility issues. Since the successful first live birth of IVF baby-Louis Brown, back in 1978, In-Vitro Fertilitsation or IVF treatment has been proven to be the most effective way to achieve a pregnancy, defying the odd from almost all causes of infertility. (more…)


"Preimplantation Genetic Screening (PGS) is an advanced technique used in conjunction with IVF where embryos can be screened for chromosomal abnormalities. PGS provides genetic information about embryos’ genetic health to help the physician select the best embryo for transfer and improves the chance of achieving a successful pregnancy."

- Adelle Lim, Chief Embryologist of Alpha Fertility Centre.



Couples with autosomal dominant or recessive disorders have a significant chance of conceiving a pregnancy that has serious genetic consequences. Beta thalassaemia is one such disorder that is endemic in Malaysia and Southeast Asia. Thalassaemia, in general, constitutes a public health problem in Malaysia. It is estimated that 350 babies are born each year in this country with blood transfusion dependent thalassaemia major. This number will cumulatively increase each year posing enormous social and economic hardships not only to patients and families but also to the government in ensuring optimal care for the existing population of thalassaemia major. Most of the thalassaemia major patients succumb to a miserable, depressing and painful existence. Their lives are centred around the hospital environments. Regular blood transfusion, transfusion transmitted illnesses, iron overload, general debility and ill-health mar their lives. Loss of education, employment, depression and despair add to their miseries. (more…)
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