One Incubator, One Patient

At ALPHA IVF, we dedicate one incubator for each patient during IVF treatment. Before transfer back to the mother’s womb, your precious little darlings (your embryos!) will have their own dedicated incubator for optimal development from fertilization to blastocyst culturing process.

What is the significance of having an incubator dedicated only to your embryos? This is because embryos are extremely sensitive to changes in temperature, PH value, humidity and gas mixture concentrations, while the ooptimum development of embryos depend greatly on these conditions.For example, each time when the incubator door is opened, these condition in the incubator will be affected. Hence, it requires time to regenerate energy to recover the temperature inside the incubator.

In IVF process, if an incubator contain more than one patient’s embryos, the incubator’s door will need to be open several times for embryologists to do examination. By doing so, it would affect the other patient’s embryos in the same incubator.

By dedicating only 1 incubator for your embryos, your little darlings are protected from unnecessary distress. And due to the high cost of incubators, usually other IVF laboratories will be sharing the incubators to accommodate several patient’s embryos at one time. While at ALPHA IVF, we have heavily invested in numerous incubators to ensure that each patient can get their own dedicated incubator.

The “One Incubator, One Patient” system at ALPHA IVF thus minimizes harm, and promotes the most optimum conditions for the development of embryos, resulting in healthtier embryos and in return promotes higher pregnancy rates. At the same time, ”One Incubator, One Patient” system eliminates the chances of mixing up with other patient’s embryos.

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