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Choosing the right fertility clinic is important. At ALPHA IVF, you will have access to the greatest science, revolutionary technologies, good clinical and nursing practices. Below are some reasons why patients choose ALPHA IVF.

ALPHA IVF has pregnancy success rates comparable to other top IVF centres around the world

¹ Lee CSS, Lim YX, Low SY (Alpha Fertility Centre). Fresh blastocyst transfer yields high clinical pregnancy and implantation rates and avoids higher order multiple pregnancies. Presented at the 23rd Malaysian Congress of the Obstetrical & Gynaecological Society of Malaysia, 5-8 June 2014, Selangor, Malaysia (Selected as one of the top 8 best abstracts).

ALPHA IVF has in-house PGT (Preimplantation Genetic Testing) enabling higher pregnancy rate

PGS also enables the checking of all 23 sets of chromosomes in each embryo so that only normal embryos are selected for transfer into the womb. For example, PGS will know if an embryo has :-

Example A : a pair of chromosome 21 (normal) or
three chromosomes of 21 (Down’s Syndrome)

Example B : abnormalities of chromosome 23 such as :-
– XO (abnormal girl – Turner’s Syndrome),
– XXY (abnormal boy – Klinefelter’s) compared to
– XX (normal girl) or
– XY (normal boy)

Low SY, Lee CSS, Lim YX (Alpha Fertility Centre). Euploid blastocysts show a trend of higher implantation and clinical pregnancy rates compared to untested blastocysts in FET cycles. Reproductive Biomedicine Online 2016;32(S1):S21 (Presented at 11th Alpha Biennial Congress, 5 – 8th May 2016, Copenhagen, Denmark)

ALPHA IVF uses ICSI-CHAMBER for your eggs and embryos

ICSI-CHAMBER provides the ideal environment to inject sperm into eggs resulting in healthier embryos. (Read more here)

ALPHA IVF has achieved numerous achievements in fertility treatment in the world and in Asia/ Australia, validating ALPHA IVF’s advance & effective technologies

Over the years, ALPHA IVF has achieved excellent success rates comparable to other leading international fertility centres around the world. As the name Alpha suggests, doctors and staff at Alpha Fertility Centre have successfully innovated numerous fertility treatment procedures that have led us to achieve many firsts in Malaysia and Singapore, as well as many World’s achievements.

Click here for ALPHA IVF’s Documented Milestone.

Only ALPHA IVF has the technology in Asia & Australia to be able to effectively sort sperm (MicroSort International)

MicroSort ® is a scientifically proven sperm sorting technology which separates the sperm into X and Y. The sorted sperm can then be used with a wide variety of assisted reproductive techniques such as in vitro fertilization (IVF), intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI), and preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGD).

ALPHA IVF deploys a dedicated incubator for your embryos (One incubator, One patient)

We dedicate one incubator for each patient. Every patient will have their own dedicated incubator for optimal development of their embryos throughout your whole IVF process from fertilisation, culture and up to the transfer of your embryos back into the mother’s womb. By adopting this method, your embryos will be protected from unnecessary ‘opening’ and ‘closing’ of incubator’s lid that causes parameters fluctuation (temperature, pH, humidity and gases). It will also prevent mix-up of embryos from different patients. This system proved most effective in minimizing harm to the embryos and ensuring higher fertilisation and clinical pregnancy rates.

ALPHA IVF has Time Lapse Embryo Monitoring System which enables an even higher chance of pregnancy

The best embryo can be identified by ALPHA IVF’s Time Lapse Embryo Monitoring System that has the capability to visualize the progress of embryo development continuously from Day 0 to Day 5 or Day 6 with a photograph taken every 5 minutes in the incubator allowing embryo development to be assessed and observed as a time lapse movie. (Read more here)

ALPHA IVF has one of the world’s highest blastulation rates

Indicating excellent laboratory conditions & embryology expertise to give you the highest possible pregnancy rates.

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