How to choose the best fertility centre?

How to choose the best fertility centre?

A guide aimed at helping couples identify a top fertility centre with the best treatment option.

Every couple has their own unique story to becoming parents and for some, their joyous journey begins with their decision to consult a fertility specialist. If your next step to becoming pregnant is aimed at consulting a good fertility specialist in Malaysia, here’s the perfect guide for you!

Doing a little research can give you a better picture of knowing the features of a top fertility centre in Malaysia but at the same time, too much information on the internet can be overwhelming. So, to assist you in identifying the best fertility centre that will help you to successfully get pregnant, here’s a list that will set the benchmark for you.


Fertility treatments can get physically and emotionally demanding. Hence, the last thing you will want is to travel to different centres during your fertility treatment.

Choose a trusted fertility centre that is complete with a series of fertility services including an operating theater and a laboratory that is managed by a team of experienced fertility experts.

On top of that, be sure to take note of the location of the centre. Opting for one that is located in the hub of the city, with accessible public transportation and operating hours that conveniently fits your schedule, will make trips to your fertility doctor hassle-free.


The backbone of a good fertility centre, should be made out of a dedicated team of individuals, equipped with years of knowledge and experience.

A good fertility specialist should not only have a high number of success cases but should also be actively involved as a pioneer in the medical realm of reproductive treatment by conducting researches and introducing medical technologies that will continue to benefit patients.

Besides, choosing a centre that is home to Malaysia’s top fertility specialists will give you the assurance that you’re in good hands.


Each fertility centre in Malaysia is unique in its own way.  There is no doubt that, opting for a centre that has invested in state-of-the-art medical technologies can help improve your success rate in getting pregnant.

A top fertility centre will look into all aspects of providing the best for patients.

Some pointers you should look out for in a centre that makes it stand out above the rest, includes not only having modern medical facilities that will assist in fertility procedures but also technology and techniques that preserve the optimum quality of the embryos. This includes having a closed system to ensure embryos will maintain 37 Celsius to prevent shock.

Top fertility centres also employ a one incubator per patient policy, thus reducing the number of times the incubator is opened to the outside environment.


The price of fertility treatments in Malaysia can be very competitive but there are two important rates that will help with your decision. They are – success rates and treatment rates.

To help you make a good decision, you should first consider a centre with high success rates and secondly, offers a price within your means.

It is completely acceptable to ask a fertility centre about its success rates. A centre who prides itself on being genuinely good in fertility treatment, will be transparent with revealing its success rates to patients.

As for the latter, you might come across a variety of treatment prices during your research and you’ll wonder, “Why is there such a wide range of prices offered by different fertility centres even though you’ve enquired about the same treatment?”

It is important to understand that there could be several factors that influence a fertility centre’s pricing.

This includes the technology used during treatment, treatment protocol, centre’s credibility based on success rates and if the price is for a package that includes consultation, medication and so on, or merely just the procedure.

Remember, your ultimate aim is to get pregnant and deliver a healthy baby. So, have this priority in mind.

A centre that prides itself with all criteria mentioned above, is a good starting point for you.

Fertility treatments can be an emotional journey.

So, after doing your research, listen to your heart and select a fertility centre that is best for you and your partner.

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