4 secrets to conquering the emotional IVF rollercoaster ride

4 secrets to conquering the emotional IVF rollercoaster ride

Trying to get pregnant and keeping up with the IVF procedures can get emotionally draining.

Be it the crucial waiting period or having to undergo the various physically demanding procedures, it is not out of the ordinary if you start to feel overwhelmed with emotions during your IVF journey.

An IVF journey is unique. Every couple experiences it in their own way… And every couple copes differently too.

Dr. Haris Hamzah, Consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist as well as Fertility Specialist at Alpha Fertility Centre understands that many factors can lead to an increase in emotional stress during IVF treatment.

He shares some essential advice to couples going through this journey:


Advice 1: Be supportive of your partner, for better or for worse

During IVF treatment, being a pillar of strength to your partner is exceptionally crucial.

Dr. Haris explains,

“The female partner generally is required to undergo more arduous regime of treatments compared to the male partner”

Therefore, the support of the husband throughout the stimulation process to the clinical procedures are extremely important.

Show your support, be understanding and comfort your partner during difficult times.


Advice 2: Knowledge is key

“At AFC, we make sure our patients are thoroughly prepared and informed on the IVF treatment process,”

“Being knowledgeable about the IVF treatment process certainly helps the couple to manage their expectations and therefore cope with stress better.” emphasizes Dr. Harris.

Be sure to ask your doctor or nurses all your questions and voice out your concerns.

Remember, the more you ask, the more knowledge you will have.


Advice 3: Be in good hands

Undergoing IVF treatment is a huge commitment financially, emotionally as well as physically. Couples share the burden of making this decision together.

It is therefore important to seek treatment from centres of Excellence; one that is established, reputable and equipped with state of the art facilities to ease your worries as you are assured you will be in good hands.

Advice 4: Identifying a Centre of Excellence

“This will be evident in the reported success rates and also by successful outcomes expressed by couples who have undergone treatment,” Dr. Haris says.

You are not alone in your IVF journey. the couple is a power team! Together, discover the best way for the both of you to unwind and enjoy life. Always remember to communicate with your partner and support each other and remember, if you need any advice, be sure to request for a consultation with a specialist from a fertility centre of excellence.

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