Factors Determine IVF Success Rates

Factors Determine IVF Success Rates


The age of the woman is the main factor affecting the success of an IVF. This is because the quality and the quantity of a woman’s eggs reduce as she grows older. Hence, as age increases, the success rate drops.   From 24 to 35, women have the highest chances of success with IVF treatment because this is the age range when women are most fertile.

The type of fertility problems

IVF can be very successfully overcome lots of fertility issues. For instance, in women problems such as endometriosis, blocked fallopian tubes, and PCOS. Unfortunately, there certain other fertility problems which are associated with less IVF success, such as fibroids, uterine abnormalities, and ovarian dysfunction which are more difficult to be overcome by normal IVF and need to undergo other surgeries or donor programmes.

For male factor infertility, they normally facing low sperm count, motility, and morphology which can generally be easily tackled with IVF. is an excellent choice to help patients and couples with a wide range of common fertility problems.

Fertility Clinic Selection

Choosing the right fertility clinic is important. At ALPHA IVF, you will have access to the greatest science, revolutionary technologies, good clinical and nursing practices. Below are some reasons why patients choose ALPHA IVF.

Experience and training of staff

As the name Alpha, doctors and staff at Alpha Fertility Centre have successfully innovated numerous fertility treatment procedures that have led us to achieve many firsts. In addition to achieving numerous fertility achievements in Malaysia and Singapore, we have also achieved/innovated many world firsts.

The team produced more than 150 scientific papers and innovative procedures, with numerous world 1st, and pregnancy rates comparable to the very top IVF centres around the world.

Revolutionary technologies

Technologies that have been introduced in IVF play an important role in affecting IVF success rates. In being a patient of ALPHA IVF, you have access to the region’s leading innovative fertility treatment procedures and technologies that gives you IVF success rates that are comparable to top IVF centres worldwide. ALPHA IVF has achieved numerous achievements in fertility treatment in the world and in Asia/ Australia, validating ALPHA IVF’s advance & effective technologies

Success rate

AFC is proud to have consistently achieved pregnancy success rates comparable to top IVF centres around the world. Alpha IVF had demonstrated that transfer of a single good graded euploid blastocyst produces pregnancy rates as high as 82.9%.

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