When female infertility is attributed to insufficient ovarian response, leading to poor egg production (e.g. a woman who goes through IVF but her ovaries fail to produce eggs), or when eggs are produced but fail to fertilize properly, a possible solution is egg donation.


Who needs egg donation?

Egg donation is a possible solution for women:

  • Who cannot produce eggs due to menopause or have been diagnosed with premature ovarian failure (POF) – also referred to as premature menopause or early menopause
  • Above age 37 who have been repeatedly unsuccessful with IVF, particularly if it is known that the infertility is not male factor
  • Who carry a genetic disorder they do not wish to pass on to their child
  • Who have had multiple unexplained miscarriages

About egg donors

At Alpha IVF, all egg donors are anonymous. Eggs from a variety of young, pretty and intelligent donors are available at Alpha IVF’s Egg Bank.

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