Alpha IVF is taking Artificial Intelligence in IVF to the next level


Alpha IVF is taking Artificial Intelligence in IVF to the next level

Alpha IVF has been deeply involved in the research & development of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the IVF practice since year 2018, with AI innovators from Australia, USA, Denmark, Israel and Poland.

The World’s first AI application for commercial use in IVF was launched by Presagen and Alpha IVF took the lead to offer this new generation application in Malaysia in late 2020. This AI application works as an enhanced tool to assist our physicians and embryologists in selecting the most viable embryo for transfer and Alpha IVF achieved the first healthy live birth following the transfer of embryos selected using AI in South-East Asia (Lim AYX et al, OGSM 2021).

The AI algorithm was built using deep machine learning that identifies traits from a huge and growing number of embryos database from around the world that had previously gone on to bring about successful pregnancies. The AI starts by assessing known components of the embryo that indicate its quality, and at the same time, identifies complex patterns that are too difficult for the human eye to see. AI then combines these different contributions in the right proportion and generate an AI Score. The higher the AI score, the higher the likelihood of implantation.

In June 2022, Alpha IVF and Presegen (USA & Australia) published a ground-breaking result where a novel AI algorithm called Life Whisperer Genetics was developed to assess the genetic integrity of embryos non-invasively using only images. This study was published in Human Reproduction Journal (Diakiw et al, 2022), bringing new hope to IVF patients. 

The study demonstrated that Life Whisperer Genetics algorithm can predict whether an embryo is genetically normal, or ‘euploid’, where the identification of euploid embryos can result in improved clinical outcomes, such as better chance at pregnancy success.

Medical Director Dato’ Dr Colin Lee said, “Life Whisperer Genetics can be an alternative to help select embryos that are most likely to be euploid in countries like Singapore where genetic screening is not commercially allowed.”

Chief Embryologist Adelle Lim said, “Computer vision with AI may revolutionise IVF treatment and this new technique is another milestone of AI in IVF. The technique will help physicians and embryologists around the world to predict the chromosome status of embryos in a rapid and non-invasive manner enabling the prioritization of embryos that are likely to be euploid for transfer or for further confirmatory PGT testing, leading to a faster time to pregnancy and reducing the cost of the treatment.”

In addition to our in-house embryo selection system, Alpha IVF uses 3 types of AI tools that correlates with embryo viability, euploidy prediction and likelihood of implantation to aid us in selecting the best embryo for transfer so that our patients can achieve a successful pregnancy at the fastest time.

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